Pekina Creek

The Pekina Creek runs adjacent to the Orroroo Township and is a beautiful setting amongst a large variety of trees, including a giant redgum, and other native plants, interspersed with exotic plants carried down from earlier settlements along its banks.

Permanent springs ensure constant waterholes, with running water in places throughout the year.

The banks of the Creek contain a reservoir of sites of historical, geological and botanical interest including Aboriginal carvings, 1896 Rock Poem, excavation location of a 1 1/2 ton giant wombat (scientific name Diprotodon), calcarious organic deposits of freshwater coral limestone and not to mention the great picnic spot at the Loins Park.

The popular Pekina Creek Trail is a medium 2.9km loop from the Lions Park past the Aboriginal carvings up to the reservoir and along the other side of the creek, Tank Hill, the 1896 Rock Poem and numerous springs.

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